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Annoyed by insects like flies? Turn annoyance into fun!

Rid your house of pesky flies and other pests and have a blast while doing it!

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Annoyed by insects like flies? Turn annoyance into fun! Rid your house of pesky flies and other pests and have a blast while doing it!

The flies in your kitchen are far from clean and they could still give you food poisoning.they can also carry various diseases.

Finding flies, mosquitoes or other flying insects annoyingly and disgustingly sticking around in your house? No worries!

An inexpensive, convenient, and potentially fun solution is a salt gun! This powerful gun is designed to kill those annoying insects with your regular table salt. It only takes a pinch of salt, a red LED light to focus and aim, and pull the trigger for the kill!

No matter it is in critical areas like the corner of your room or on top of your food, you won’t hurt anything except those annoying bugs. Get one now and experience a non-toxic and fun way of bugs-killing!


🔫No batteries needed; it’s air-powered
🔫Shoot like a pro with its red LED light to focus and aim for a better aim.
🔫No messy kill because the insect stays intact.
🔫Safe for kids and pets with its non-toxic salt(Attention:It didn’t break the skin, but it stung ).
Even if you go on full fight-mode and kill multiple flies around the house, your pets or family members will still be safe since it’s only salt that we’re talking about.

🔫Stand your ground against fly-born illness and roadkill germs. A-salt those flying typhoid vectors!
🔫Excellent for ridding flies on windows, walls, ceilings, and in corners.
🔫Excellent for bugs on ceilings and in corners.
🔫Awesome non-slip hand grip.


Lift LOADER CAP and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (Holds about 50 shots).
SLIDE COCKING HANDLE towards you and push away towards barrel of gun. This action will activate AUTO-SAFETY and POP-UP SIGHT will appear, indicating gun is ready to fire!
Release AUTO-SAFETY by clicking towards you.
Aim at target and fire!(It’s completely air-powered, and requires no batteries to use.)

Brand Name




Plastic Type



Don't hit me in the eye

Model Number

Salt gun 2.0-3.0

Age Range

> 14 years old


Toy Submachine Gun



  1. B***k

    awsome fly swap

  2. K***o

    Great thing to fly more salt several times twist the shutter

  3. A***n

    The thing is cool, waiting for several years of falling price, from 4500. She needs to be shot, the first shots are very weak. After the tenth spring begins to produce indicators. Meter-trained on kinders. The laser sight is configured, with a 70 cm bruise on the arm 1.5-2 cm. Beats from a meter, spiders in meat, flies in different ways, mosquitoes did not find after the shot. Salt is better fine, or medium, it is better to dry, then figs normally. The gun itself is completely plastic, the handle is wrapped with isolentles, otherwise it cracks in my hand. Return is available

  4. N***z

    Very funny. Just need salt

  5. A***n

    Product has quality!!!

  6. L***o

    Original product, arrived with the box very spoiled but’s perfect, the product has trouble putting salt and flashlight laser sight.

  7. M***z

    The gun is true to the photo, it came with the box badly mistreated but the toy looks like it’s okay, it’s for a gift, so i haven’t tried it, it’s but it works well.

  8. Customer

    Perfect! Great store, 100% confidence. Thank you.

  9. D***s

    The gun to moscow from holland came in ~ 3 weeks, which nowadays is considered a very fast delivery. The gun was packed in an original carton and wrapped in a duster film. Cardboard crumpled, but the gun did not suffer. In the near future i will try weapons in the case.

  10. N***v

    Against os works badly, shibko armored. Weapons more against flies and the blind

  11. U***r

    Its good, but its not got the features of the bug-a-salt 3.0 its more like the 2.0 so the name is a little misleading. Don’t get me wrong though its fun and does the job, and costs less than the real thing

  12. Customer

    The gun came in time, and it’s very funny 🙂 thank you!

  13. Customer

    The store is super fast. I have not tried the gun yet

  14. A***r

    an amusing pest deterrent. package was pretty beat up but it seems to work as well as if the box was received in good condition.

  15. M***a

    He arrived in 10 days and works perfectly. Just kill the fly if you hit it too close, but it’s super fun. It’s hard to fill the salt because the round door closes super strong.

  16. S***d

    Received in 16 days from the order, perfectly packed and is in accordance with the description.

  17. S***y

    WOW!!!v Awesome great fun works great

  18. A***.

    Parcel delivery was very long. but it came at last. Gun is working good, very powerful.

  19. M***t

    Works top use it often and the laser/lamp is a must have

  20. A***n

    Got to Mo for a month Flies pupasit with a meter, then only frightens.

  21. E***a

    The gun went about a month to Yekaterinburg, you need three batteries, the kit does not include the same as salt, the box is slightly wrinkled. The child is happy

  22. R***e

    Nice mosquito eliminator!

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